Introduction - Welcome To (The Trolley-Filling Troll-Slayer)!

What Is is a new type of luxury and exclusive goods retailer and private social network. In our view, there is a substantial premium today on uniqueness, authenticity and exclusivity that has been created as a result of the big box retailer culture manifest in the sprawling development of companies such as Google, Amazon and more recently even start-ups like Lazada.

It’s not satisfying to follow trends, like what the crowd likes and fit in right in the middle. No one ever derived real satisfaction from such an existence in our view and they are unlikely ever to do so either, in our opinion. As a response to this, we created, a place for people who are more unique to meet others of the same mindset and to set themselves apart with retail opportunities not available elsewhere online.

How To Use

The way works is multi-fold. First, of all, you have to have a membership to participate either in the social network or as a purchaser. The cheapest membership is completely free for the first month, and we don’t take anything off your credit card if you cancel before then, so it’s risk-free, cost-free to become a member. The most expensive membership is about one hundred times the cost of the cheapest one, and the discount privileges and priority purchasing rights that it contains reflect that accordingly. There is no “ideal” or “better” membership package – everyone is different.

Once you have a membership then you can buy Stuff Credits from the Store. The Store has various offers of Credit packs available at any one time, so take your pick and snap one up if you want to be able to take part in the offers available on this part of the site. We didn’t think it was exactly fair to make everyone have to pay if they are a real marketing force or a major influencer personality, so we included a feature on the site that means just by posting here, commenting on others’ posts or even messaging internally on the social network you earn Credits all the time, too. If you are a substantial influencer with a big YouTube following, get in touch with us too at r[at] and we can talk about revenue-share opportunities for bringing community members along.

Once you’ve got a membership and you have some credits on your profile, now you’re ready to take part in the purchase process. We are highly selective about the products we choose, and only work with the leading brands and retailers across the world for special, customised, limited edition purchase offers, so there aren’t likely to be many products available when we offer them here in the Stuff section, and frequently, there will only be one or two of such products as well. Simply put, the first member in the comments section to respond BUY, subject to their membership queueing rights (more on that in a second) will end up with the items until availability has run dry. We will automatically debit your profile with the applicable number of points and unless otherwise specified, you’ll usually receive your product within the week.

Membership Packages Benefits

In the membership packages offers you will see that Jade and Diamond membership plans contain queueing priority rights and extra discounts. What this means is that let’s say there are 5 bidders for 1 product offer and 4 of the bidders are Gold Members while the last one is a Jade Member. Assuming this was the case, and that all bidders entered into the auction process by submitting BUY in the comments section of the Stuff post for the product on offer, then even with their comment in fifth place, the Diamond Member in this case would jump to the front of the queue and obtain the item as their queueing rights are 5x those of the Gold queueing rights. In the event that there is a tie, the most senior member plan takes precedence, so even if there was a Jade Member in third or second place who managed to jump 3 places up the queue into first place, the Diamond Member in this case would win the auction.

Furthermore, Jade Members get discounts of 34% on auctioned items while Diamond Members get discounts of 55% on auctioned items. So let’s say a product is on offer for 10,000 Credits. In this case, wherever in the queue the Jade Member or the Diamond Member is, that member will not just queue-jump others but will also pay less in credits for the item – in this case, the product would have cost the Jade Member in third place who jumped to first place 6,600 Credits and ultimately it would have cost the Diamond Member in fifth place who leaped into first place just 4,500 Credits.

Re-selling stuff on the Network let’s you re-sell anything you buy here in a specially-designated Group on the social network called Brands & Labels. The benefit of doing this is that you don’t need to wait to take delivery of the product since we can simply assign it to the buyer who will also be on the n network, and you can re-sell for cash with no fees or commissions taken by us at all. If you are looking to resell something that you bought here with Credits then simply put an ad up in the Brands & Labels Group and confirm in the comments of the product offer ad when you are happy to sell. We will then contact you directly and confirm with you at your registered account e-mail address, and we will do the same with the buyer, and we will ship the item to your buyer ourselves on your instruction.

Retail Danger Mouse takes the very best of decentralisation, the very most established of network architecture, and the power of a premium domain name to create a more authentic, fun, multi-various retail and consumer environment for the Internet of Things economy. As we expand, you can safely expect innovation in retailing at a breathtaking and sometimes game-changing direction, always to your own benefit and to the disadvantage of the major big box high street retailers and their intensive homogenisation of product identity and customer service.

We think you will notice the exceptional quality and value of what is sold here at, not to mention the exclusivity of our product lines, which is unparalleled elsewhere (literally, for most Stuff this is the only place you are ever gonna be able to get it). Moreover we go out of our way to create a general overall coolness of vibe at, black-listing trolls, price-gougers and lunatics with state-of-the-art behaviour-detection software. promises to turn up the dial on offering this sort of experience as time goes on too, so bear with us too if things at the start are in any way clunky or out of place sometimes as we fine-tune this revolutionary new retailer model.

We are here to change the game, forever – gone are the days of the Madison Avenue ad exec and the troll-infested swamp of mainstream media public relations campaigns. Rat, the creature that most biologically resembles us with the fewest overt features of a hominoid, the helper of Vishnu, the Hindi God of creation and destruction (creative destruction), symbolises our purpose and our aim to change the endless fleecing and standardisation of consumer lifestyles today. It’ll be a fun ride!


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