White House Press Room Banter Raises Questions

A conversation between reporters in the White House Press Room has raised questions on social media site Twitter about whether there is an existing vaccination available for Coronavirus, or COVID-19, and about whether such a vaccination is necessary at all for most people.

The conversation was reported on a Twitter message by independent news organisation Golden State Times late Monday night. In it, reporters appear to joke with one another about how lethal the Coronavirus infection is, while one maintains that everyone in the room has already been vaccinated as they discuss a University of Southern California report released this week showing that the mortality rate for the virus was around the same as that of the flu:

Reporter 1: You can take off your mask, the case mortality rate is like 0. 1 to 0.3 percent 
Reporter 2: Is it really? 
Reporter 1: Yeah
Reporter 2: Everyone here has been vaccinated anyway. 
Reporter 1: USC came out with a study. They found there is 7,000 cases in California. But they really believe that there were anything from 221,000 to 442,000 people that were infected...
Reporter 3: Really?
Reporter 1: Yeah.
Reporter 3: So that makes it 0.11? 0.21? Was this a study they came out with or... 
Reporter 1: Yes, it just came in today. So it's suggesting the case fatality rate is a tenth of what it (we thought)... So thats right in line with the flu. 
Reporter 3: Yeah, exactly - that's what it is - 
Reporter 2: So it was a hoax! 
Reporter 1: I don't know (think?) if it was a hoax... 
(Laughter among all reporters) 
Reporter 1 is believed to be John Roberts of Fox News.

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